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We are authorized technical partners for world famous stamping simulation brand Stampack GmbH. We are helping our customers by providing them support in stamping simulation. Many tool shops are now accepting Stampack Xpress as virtual tryouts can save their time and money wasted on physical tryouts.  

We believe in the values of Stampack Xpress that is quicker, faster and cost effectiveness. 

Please contact us for details about software, our team is always ready for conducting demo at your tool shop. We always try to reduce the working cost and product cycle time for our clients without compromising the quality of component.  

        Stampack Xpress is the practical forming simulation for every tool designer. This means:

  • Straightforward and clear user guidance.
  • Ther user of Stampack Xpress does not need any previous knowledge about Finite Element Methods and Material Science. 
  • Stampack Xpress is affordable for every design department and Engineering office.
  • Stampack Xpress allows designers and Method planner to simulate forming process for prototype, Progressive die and Transfer die tools. 





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